Gregoire Pateau (FR)

Gregoire Pateau (FR)

  • Position: Project Manager - Fraca-Ma
  • Location: France

Gregoire Pateau is the Project-Manager for Fraca-Ma. Based in France, he did his Masters degree in Entertainment Management. He then went on to work for two years as a research analyst for Fédurok (National Livehouse Federation in France), and for another two years as an editor and model maker for a cultural information magazine in Brittany. Since 2012, Gregoire has been the Project Manager for Fraca-Ma, the regional network for popular music in the Centre region in France.

The Fraca-Ma is the regional network for popular music in Center Region in France.

Fraca-Ma's is aimed at:

- Structuring and development of a regional network of actors and contemporary musicians.
- Information and advice for for popular music actors
- Identification and support of the popular musical projects
- Vocational training
- Production