Anita Iyer (IN)

Anita Iyer (IN)

  • Position: Executive Editor - Soundbox
  • Location: Mumbai, India

A journalist for over six years, Anita Iyer has been chronicling the music business and allied industries like radio, television, music streaming, telecom operators etc. and the burgeoning live music scene over the years.

An avid follower of the music scene, Anita is currently the Executive Editor of online music trade publication Sound Box. With pan India presence, covers movements and provides analysis of the music industry.

Anita has also recently kickstarted her own venture High Octave Media for handling press communication and social media for brands and personalities in the music and entertainment space.

Soundbox is India’s Premier B2B Music Magazine with a mission to provide credible, authentic information and analysis of all that is relevant to stakeholders in the Indian music industry. With presence across all major cities in the country,the content of Sound Box pans around:
News updates of the music industry, content aggregators, telecom operators, TV & radio broadcast industries.
. In-depth features on market trends
. IPR and legal analysis
. Exclusive artist interviews
. Comprehensive music charts from telecom operators to retail outlets
. Columns from industry experts
. Coverage of music fests and live events