Paul Jacob (IN)

Paul Jacob (IN)

  • Position: Musician
  • Location: Chennai, India

Paul Jacob is a critically acclaimed musician from Chennai, who has travelled the world. Having started out early playing bass guitar with the school band from the age of 12, Paul went on to be a part of several rock bands finally ending up with “Nemesis Avenue” which featured now Oscar winning A. R. Rahman on keyboard.

Paul furthered his musical journey composing music for advertising while simultaneously studying Carnatic classical music under Smt. Padmasini and Shri. Ravikiran. His interest in Indian traditional music led to the formation of Bodhimuzzik, an organisation dedicated to the integration and promotion of traditional Indian music.

With Bodhimuzzik Paul has produced several collaborative efforts with folk and classical music working with award winning producers and artists including Thione Seck (Senegal), Francois Breant (France), Susheela Raman (UK), Oikyotaan (India), Yogeswaran Manickam (UK), Laya Project (India), Fantazio (France), and the Hungarian Gypsy Orchestra. Live versions of the productions travelled to several countries and music festivals around the world.

Furthering his work as a composer, Paul has composed music for several feature films and documentary films as well. His music for The Square Circle – a docudrama by Timeri Murari, won the best documentary music award at the Cannes fest in 1998.

Paul has also worked on music festivals in India including The Laya Project Live, and Chennai Sangamam which featured over 2500 artists from across Tamil Nadu. He continues to explore new avenues for collaborative efforts that would help put traditional Indian music on the international stage.