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Rohith Subramanian (IN)

Rohith Subramanian (IN)

  • Position: Founder/CEO - Fundmydream
  • Location: Bangalore, India

Rohith Subramanian is a student entrepreneur from Bangalore, and co-founder of Fundmydream – a crowd funding platform for creative projects in India. He has also worked with some renowned short filmmakers in the past. A movie buff and a music enthusiast, Rohith strives to bring a change in the independent industry. 

Rohith is also somewhat of a nomadic traveller, and loves travelling to undiscovered places all by himself. He runs an NGO called UOY, and his first book After All It's Your Life! is nearing completion.

Fundmydream.in is one of the leading crowd funding platforms for creative projects in India. Fundmydream's mission is to support every creator – musician, film maker, theatre group, artist or performing artist –  in raising funds for their dream projects.