Maggie Huang (IN)

Maggie Huang (IN)

  • Position: Programme Officer - Centre for Internet and Society
  • Location: Bangalore, India

Maggie is a student, researcher, and amateur singer-songwriter who's been in too many choirs to count! As a Programme Officer at the Centre for Internet and Society, Maggie is currently conducting research on the digital music industry in India, focusing on the numerous modes of access to music via the mobile phone, and how this impacts all stakeholders in the music industry -- independent musicians being one of them!

While music is so easily accessible and sharable in today's digital age, the laws regarding how much all the producers of music should be paid is increasingly complicated. Ultimately, the policy goal and ideal research outcome would be to identify legal and policy options which can ensure a better balance between a creators' right earn from their work, and the public's interest in accessing them. 

If you are a creator who engages with various modes of online platforms to promote, sell, or share your work, she would love to speak with you!

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