Manojna Yeluri (IN)

Manojna Yeluri (IN)

  • Position: Founder and Principal Legal Consultant - Artistik License
  • Location: Bangalore, India

Manojna Yeluri is an independent legal consultant and researcher, passionate about working with artists and professionals in various creative industries. Based out of Bangalore and Hyderabad, she assists and educates artists and entrepreneurs on a range of legal issues by way of her blog, specialized workshops, lectures and consultations.She graduated from the NALSAR University of Law in Hyderabad, India with a BA.LLB (Honours) and earned an LLM or Master’s Degree from the UCLA School of Law, specializing in Entertainment, Media and Intellectual Property Law. She has previously worked with a corporate law firm, a digital legal publishing/education platform as well as a policy-research think tank. She is currently pursuing a PhD at the NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad. Her work with Artistik License is a manifestation of her deep-rooted respect for the arts and the artistic, blended with her skills acquired from a legal education.

Artistik License aims to address the needs of artists and entrepreneurs everywhere, with particular emphasis on their unique legal and business queries. As a legal services provider, Artistik License offers specialized assistance with respect to consulting, reviewing or drafting agreements and any other formal or semi-formal paperwork relevant to your work as an artist or entrepreneur. Artistik License also works towards empowering creative professionals in India by way of customised workshops and through research undertaken both independently and in collaboration with other organisations and institutions.


DIY Law for Musicians and Filmmakers 
Duration: 1.5 hours

Seeking specialised legal advice can be daunting, especially if you’re an independent artist working on a budget and a tight time-line.

Join Manojna Yeluri, founder of Artistik License, a legal initiative dedicated to artists and creative professionals, for a session that can help you figure out what you need to create your own solutions for your legal queries, and when you ought to draw the line and invest in some specialised help. With a brief introduction into some basic concepts such as how copyright and contracts work, this session is meant to help artists understand how to use the law to maximise their monetary and creative potential, without having to compromise on either.

What do you need to bring along:
- Questions and anecdotes
- An open mind

What you can expect:
- An introduction into some basic laws for artists
- A space for discussion and dialogue