Arati Rao-Shetty (IN)

Arati Rao-Shetty (IN)

  • Position: Founder - The BFlat Bar
  • Location: Bangalore, India

Having been an advertising film and music professional, producer of music videos, as well as being an artist and singer -songwriter, Arati Rao has in the past 5 years, also been responsible for supporting and encouraging independent music by creating a live music performance platform. Arati is one of the founders and in charge of the programming at Bangalore's BFlat Bar, a highly respected live music venue, that has acquired a great reputation with it’s careful selection of bands and excellent acoustics; always leaving one in anticipation of the acts to follow.

BFlat opened it's doors to assorted genres of music, thereby appealing to a wide cross section of Bangalore’s serious music lovers. Through BFlat, Arati Rao fulfills a vision; to create a platform for quality, live music in Bangalore, which she hopes can extend to a broader network; by collaborating with like-minded industry professionals across the country.

Arati Rao has constantly been re-inventing herself - she has fronted a jazz, funk, soul and blues band and dabbled with contemporary pop-rock. She also presented a jazz quartet/quintet known as the KAYA quartet/quintet, which has featured prominent musicians such as Adrian D'Souza, Amit Heri, Sharik Hasan, Keith Peters, Aman Mahajan, Mishko M'Ba, Matt Littlewood, to name a few.

Arati is an IndiEarth artiste - currently working on her independent music project, KAYA, for which she writes the lyrics and melodies. Produced and arranged by Aman Mahajan, this was showcased at the IndiEarth XChange, 2013 with her band.