Laiq Qureshi (IN)

Laiq Qureshi (IN)

  • Position: Founder/Director - Inroom Records | Urban Beat Project
  • Location: Mumbai, India

An ex-journalist at Network 18, DNA, 5 years ago Laiq co-founded Inroom Records, an experimental records label with focus on festival curation, event designing, artist management, with a heavy focus on collaborations. His vision to create experiences, and create a sustainable infrastructure for the independent music industry, led him to establish Urban Beat Project, a non-profit organization that looks at providing sustainable funding modules and content (audio-video) development options to regenerate the ecosystem for artistic expression. He is also behind the soon to be launched Community Radio Station in Mumbai, to create awareness among various strata of society to the existence and evolution of an Urban Alternative Subculture. Apart from this, he is also actively involved in mentoring local talent, curating festivals, bringing down international artists and consulting start-ups into creating a monetizing model and ethical business practices.

Inroom Records is currently leading the space in developing and regenerating interest in Indian Classical music and World Sounds in the Indian Subcontinent. With a pan-India presence, IR is an experimental record label, an artist management firm and event designers. Known primarily for spearheading out-of-the-box collaborative ideas, we have nurtured and produced some of the most interesting collaborations that are now independently active in the industry.

Through our initiatives like the 'Raag Taala - A Journey into Indian Classical Music", and ONE WORLD (World Sounds) we have managed to re-boot the age-old pedantic hindustani (Indian) mindset to adapting it for a younger audience, by presenting interesting collaborations and sounds that were previously ignored. Through our various initiatives we also regularly give a paid platform for young talent to grow.

Urban Beat Project is a Non-profit organization geared towards defining a creative vision promoting Arts, Music, Culture, and Lifestyle representative of the fast growing Urban Alternate segment in metropolitan pockets spread across the span of the country.

The project aims to create awareness among various strata of society to the existence and evolution of an Urban Alternative Subculture that is paving the way for more intimate, soulful and highly evolved cultural experiences; as well as to nurture the community by creating a platform that gives it a voice and allows it to scale.