Contextualising Animation Design

Sunday, 7th December, 2014
Duration: 1 hour
Venue: Chandra
Open to public. Registration is not required. 

Indigenous images and narratives for socially and culturally relevant animation

The development of animation in India has been burdened with an enduring karmic baggage of Disney , Mythology and Technology as the overarching motifs that define the animation sensibility in our country. This is unfortunate given that animation is a truly encompassing art, one that can richly assimilate multiple influences from the immediate context.

Animation is an applied art and can be informed by sensitisation to art practices, popular contemporary visual culture, local sensibilities, situated in our ethos, have an essence reflective of our traditional legacy of movement and mudra in dance, drama, puppetry, performing arts, colour palettes connected to our sense of celebration, ritual and symbolism. Reclaiming, and revisiting our storytelling, narrative and visual traditions could lead to evolving a unique Indian animation language that takes cues from our sense of time, rhythm, expression, environments, chaos, music, noise, atmosphere and storytelling.

Workshop will be conducted by: 
Shilpa Ranade - Animator, Filmmaker - IIT, Bombay

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