Draupadi - Flamenco & Kathakali (Spain/India)

Date: Saturday, 6th December, 2014
Venue: IndiEarth Stage
Time: 8:45pm

Take two centenarian art forms, an epic poem like Mahabharata, universal themes like gender violence, civil war and revenge that along History has shown us human’s behaviour. Two cultures distant geographically and artistically similar.

This performance is a fusion of two art forms which tackles a recurrent issue in past and today’s societies be it in Asia or in Europe: violence against women. Dance and theatre come together in an attempt to raise awareness and brake a curse of our time.

A trip to the past through a contemporary unique and unprecedented fusion of Kathakali & Flamenco.


Bettina Castaño-Sulzer experiments with world music finding a unique and personal style and fascinating the flamenco world. She has created more than 15 shows mixing different cultures and performing with artists “from & in” Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, Egypt, India, Latin America, Europe, Morocco.

She is one of the most amazing new generation flamenco dancers in Sevilla. Her seemingly inexhaustable wealth of choreographies and her huge dance repertoire motivate her to create a special type of performance. She has developed 'classical programs'. She dances 'El Armor Brujo' and 'Zarzuelas' etc. with the Basel and as well as the Zug Symphony Orchestra, the Opera Orchestra of Cairo, the Badenwürttemberg Philharmonic from Germany and Philharmonic from Uruguay.

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