Have You Seen the Arana? (India)

Friday, 5th December, 2014 | 5:15pm | The Screening Room

Filmmaker: Sunanda Bhat
Country: India
Language: Malayalam (English Subtitles)
Duration: 73 min
Genre: Documentary, Environment, Nature
Year of Release: 2012
IndiEarth Profile

Set in Wayanad, part of the fragile ecosystem of the western mountain range in South India, the film takes you on a journey through a region that is witnessing drastic transformation in the name of ‘development’.


Sunanda Bhat’s interest in documentaries is to represent people living on the margins of a fascinatingly intricate and stratified Indian society. Unraveling these layers reveal glimpses of lives that are often far more interesting than fiction. She works at finding new and interesting ways of storytelling; constantly exploring and expanding her natural and cultural landscape.

“Have You Seen The Arana?” is her first feature length documentary. She has spent 6 years on the film, looking for ways to capture and represent the complexity of the people and place. The film won the John Abraham National Award for Best Documentary, the Golden Conch for Best Documentary at the Mumbai International Film Festivals and an Honorable Mention at the International Film Festival for Environment, Health and Culture, Jakarta, 2013. The film has travelled to film festivals all over the world.


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