I Wasn't Always Dressed Like This (UK/Brazil)

Friday, 5th December, 2014 | 12:30pm | The Screening Room

Filmmaker: Betty Martins
Country: UK, Brazil
Language: English
Duration: 31 min
Genre: Documentary, Humanitarian
Year of Release: 2013

In a very intimate and meditative mode, three Muslim women reflect around issues of cultural memory, identity, self-censorship, feminism, politics and media. By appreciating the personal and experiential quality of veiling, this documentary is able to articulate critically and reflexively while challenging its popular perception.



Betty Martins is a cultural producer, filmmaker, writer and researcher. With a degree in Visual Arts and a Masters in Media and Cultural Studies, she is particularly interested in researching technologies of memory - which she explores through the reflexive work of micro-narratives. She has produced and directed three documentaries, which has been exhibited, distributed and broadcasted in the UK and other countries. She has also presented research in international conferences and forums and she is invited to speak in Universities and cultural centres about her films. Originally from Brazil, she has been living in the UK for over 9 years where she founded Cultural Productions. At the moment she is in Brazil working on her fourth documentary.


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