Indian Documentary - Challenges, Opportunities and Pitfalls

Mr. VS Kundu
6th December, 2014
Time: 2:30pm
Duration: 30 minutes
Venue: Sansara

Mr. Kundu gives a birds-eye view of the Indian documentary, and of initiatives by the Film Division of India that empower documentary filmmakers in the year ahead.

Varinder Singh Kundu is the Director General, Films Division of India, and a senior IAS office of the Haryana cadre. He has held a number of positions of responsibility in various government departments, such as Education, Science and Technology, Finance, Agriculture, Public Works, Information Technology, and many more.

A keen film enthusiast, Mr. Kundu is greatly responsible for the revival of archives holding India's glorious film legacy. Besides teaching and conducting research in the field of cinema, Mr. Kundu plays an integral role in the selection and curation of cinematic work for film festivals, as well as for Films Division of India.

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