International Media Toolkit 101

Sam Cook
5th December, 2014
Time: 4:00pm
Duration: 1 hour
Venue: Chandra
Open to public. Registration not required.

Sam Cook of KMBA events hosts a practical workshop to foster understanding your potential to engage with global media and social media spaces. This session will walk you through self-branding, timelines, media toolkits and what you need in order to be prepared and best placed to gain higher ground and build a bigger profile internationally.

The workshop is ideal for musicians, managers and Indian media to validate and understand working within international public relations. The package has been taught at Australia’s leading arts institution, the Victorian College of the Arts. It has not only aided Indigenous Australian artists and management, but has also been taught globally in the United Kingdom, Canada and USA, proving to be of universal benefit to participants.


Listed in the worlds Who’s Who of Women, Sam Cook is cross-artform practitioner, educator, arts manager and leader. Until 2012 Sam was the Director of The Dreaming Festival and a programmer of the Woodford Folk Festival. Artistically, Sam is a playwright, writer, visual artist and graphic designer. Administratively, Sam started working in publishing ahead of becoming the CEO of a leading Australian Theatre before launching her company KMBA events an all encompassing brand with tentacles into artist management and apparel and industry game-changer Nomads Palace.

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