Kutle Khan Project (India)

Date: Saturday, 6th December, 2014
Venue: Sansara
Time: 11:00pm

The Kutle Khan Project is Khan’s voyage into a world of music beyond boundaries; where he delves into his folk roots and draws from his musical experience and influence of collaborating with musicians from different cultures. What remains is a perfectly distilled blend of musical styles with a strong Rajasthan folk sensibility. 

The ensemble features Kutle Khan as singer, multi instrumentalist and artistic director, Champe Khan on the harmonium, vocals and sarangi, Dayam Khan on the Khartal, Gafur Khan playing the Bhapang and Morchang, Roshan Khan on the tabla and dholak, and an additional flute or saxophone element.

Kutle Khan is a multi-talented folk musician from the rich and vibrant land of Rajasthan. His versatility as a composer, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist make his performances full of energy and verve, where he is able to fuse traditional folk sounds into other Indian and Western traditions with incredible ease and sensibility.

Beyond "The Kutle Khan Project" which is Khan's own group of contemporary Rajasthani folk music, he also regularly tours with the famous UK based Tamil singer, Susheela Raman, Midival Punditz - the leading electronic music band in India and "Rajasthan Roots" - a fusion band featuring folk sounds.

Kutle Khan has been recognised as one of India's most creative artists – a rare blend of singer, songwriter, composer and performer. He is a formidable multi-instrumentalist who has mastered more than 9 percussion instruments, and moves between genres with utmost ease.

Apart from an active touring circuit, Kutle Khan also has some well known TV shows to his credit; such as the Dewarists, MTV Unplugged and Coke Studio India.


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