Live Electronics with Ableton Live

Madeleine Bloom
Sunday, 7th December, 2014
Session 1 -
11:00am - 1:00pm (2 hours)
Session 2 -
2:00pm - 4:00pm (2 hours)
 4 hours
Venue: Surya
Open to public. Registration is required.

This workshops shows you how to creatively use Ableton Live for live performances or live electronics within a band. Madeleine Bloom (Sonic Bloom) gives an introduction into the complex software that allows way more than controllerism and can be meaningfully used in all kinds of different musical styles. Learn how to build your own live performance set that fits your needs and how to integrate Push, other MIDI controllers or real live instruments/vocals into your show. This workshop is hands on and you will at least begin to realize your performance set along the way. If you already have something prepared for it, bring it along and learn how to improve on it. All genres welcome.

For beginners and intermediate users of Ableton Live.

Main Topics:
• Live's Session View in Depth
• Setup in Ableton Live & Preparation of a Live Set
• Launching & Recording Clips in the Session View
• Routing, Prelistening & Monitoring
• Audio Looping
• Racks, Chains and Macro Controls for Quick Access
• Further Tricks & Free Helper Tools

Requirements (for participants):
• Laptop
• Ableton Live 9 (Standard or Suite edition, also available as a free 30-days trial version, download from
• Headphones
• Midi controller(s)
• Optional: Audio Interface

Registrations are now closed 


Madeleine Bloom is a classically trained musician, producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer from Berlin with her own label Quixotica Records. She studied electroacoustic music at the Franz Liszt Conservatory under Prof. Robin Minard and uses the acquired methods to create her unique blend of Electronica Pop made from all kinds of instruments, every day sounds and her voice. Madeleine's music has earned her praise from renowned producers such as Guy Sigsworth and Rupert Hine and a personal invitation from Grammy winner Imogen Heap to open for her on her last tour. She also runs Sonic Bloom, a website providing products, services as well as free tips and downloads dedicated to making music with Ableton Live, Max for Live and Push.


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