Music Journalism. What's The Point?

Simon Broughton
6th December, 2014
Time: 3:30pm
1 hour
Venue: Chandra
Open to public. Registration is required.
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Someone once wisecracked that writing about music was like dancing about architecture. But music journalism has a long and distinguished history. A music writer or critic is a crucial interface between an artist and the public. They help create new audiences and give an artistic and cultural perspective. But whether it’s in blogs, articles or reviews, a writer needs to be interesting or entertaining, informed and informative and trustworthy. Simon Broughton will hold a workshop which will look at some samples of writing about Indian music and and try and outline some guidelines. 

Required Reading:
"Seeing The Light" - Helter Skelter (September 19th, 2014)
"Rising Stars of the West", Pg 42 & 43 - Score Magazine (September 2014)
"A Promising Start" - The Hindu (December 5th, 2013)
"In Innovative Mode" - The Hindu (December 30th, 2013)
"How Can You Call Somebody Who Can Sing 3,000 Words Uneducated?" - Songlines (August/September 2012)
"Dreaming of Bangalore" - Songlines (Issue 104)
"The Rise and Rise of Raghu Dixit" - Songlines (July 2013)

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Simon Broughton is Editor in Chief of Songlines the world music magazine. He’s also co-editor of the Rough Guide to World Music (Penguin) and has been the main world music critic on the London Evening Standard since 2002.


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