Roles and Responsibilities for a Technical Director/Skilled Technical Crew at Music Festivals/Live Events

6th December, 2014
Time: 10:00am
Duration: 1.5 hours
Venue: Sansara

The music festival is coming of age in India, and with it, the need for a Technical Director. Often it is someone from a sound engineering background, but with the added skill set of working with Excel sheets and general mathematics. Today, music festivals don’t just rely on hiring a sound and light company, but work on hiring people that map the entire technical requirements of a festival, as well as create an experience for the consumer which entails effective cost management, simultaneously meeting artiste requirements. The session goes into the details of the need, the roles and responsibilities of Technical Directors and skilled technical crews at live events.

Speakers: Yotam Agam (CTO EarthSync - IN), Fali Damania (NH7/SulaFest - IN), Nikhil Pai (Freelance Sound Engineer - IN), Rahul Samuel (FreeLance Sound Engineer - IN), Marion Joly (Sakifo, Les Rockomotives - FR).
Facilitator: Guru Somayaji (Counter Culture - IN)


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