Sapta (India)

Date: Saturday, 6th December, 2014
Time: Midnight
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Created by Marti Bharath in July 2007, SAPTA is an independent electronic music act with western and Indian roots. Meshing his influences from San Francisco, Paris, Dubai and India where he lived, studied and worked, Marti's SAPTA relies on electronic sounds, synthesisers and infectious rhythms built around catchy vocal melodies.

Though an electronic music act, it is on stage, in front of an audience where SAPTA really thrives, as Marti incorporates live instruments, percussion, vocals and a few surprises to create a unique live experience.

Drawing inspiration from incidents in Marti's life, SAPTA's music is an aural expression of his experiences and emotions. SAPTA now has over 150 songs visualized, composed and arranged by Marti himself. Every track is unique, showcasing a variety of ideas in Marti's arsenal, all this while retaining SAPTA's trademark sound.

Now gathering ideas for the 6th album, SAPTA continues to evolve and expose listeners to new musical experiences.


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