SoundLab - Digital Music Production and Production Skills

Justus Köhncke & Cee
4th - 7th December, 2014
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Border Movement, the Goethe Institut and IndiEarth are coming together once again to host SoundLab 2014 – an interactive workshop on Digital Music Production and Production Skills. The workshop will take place December 4th – 7th in Chennai, India at the Goethe Institut and at The Park Chennai during the IndiEarth XChange 2014 – India’s trade event for independent music, film and media.

This year’s workshop will be conducted by producers Justus Köhncke and Cee from Germany, and over the course of three days it will cover a wide range of aspects of electronic music production – including production, mixing and live performance.

Participants must submit their entries to take part, and some artists will be given the opportunity participate for free. In addition to this, the compositions created during the workshops will also be showcased at XChange 2014 – with some of the world’s best professionals of the independent music, film and media industries from over 20 different countries present at the event. The tracks also have the opportunity to be released via Border Movement and IndiEarth in the coming year.


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DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: 28 November 2014
– Selected artists to be announced on 30 November 2014.

Justus Köhncke is a German techno producer and pop musician from Cologne.

Köhncke was a member of the house trio Whirlpool Productions, along with Hans Nieswandt and Eric D. Clark. Together, they had a number one hit in Italy in 1997 with their house track "From Disco to Disco". Since 1999, he has released tracks on the Cologne label Kompakt. In his music, he combines minimal techno with disco and Krautrock elements.

Cee is a producer, sound designer and DJ affiliated with the Red Bull Music Academy. Over the years, he’s shared the stage with Missy Elliot, Modeselektor and DJ Vadim, to name a few. His latest project, “Bass Sekolah” features multi-instrumentalist Darren Ashley. The duo are also currently working on their debut LP, that is to be released soon.

Cee currently resides in Malaysia, right outside the Berembun rainforest.

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