Until We Last (India)

Date: Saturday, 6th December, 2014
Venue: IndiEarth Stage
Time: 1:00pm

Until We Last is a Bangalore based post-rock band that formed in 2011. Originally a one-man bedroom project started by Ketan Bahirat, it evolved into a fully fledged band in December 2012, when Bahirat was joined by Ralston D’souza on drums, Chaithanya Jade on guitars and Anjan Bhojraj on bass.

Having just released their eagerly anticipated debut LP, Until We Last have featured in international compilations, radio and various other media platforms - already well on route to creating a strong rapport for the post-rock genre in India. The band typically composes guitar based instrumental pieces that feature melodic bass lines and a heavy use of effects.

Until We Last aims to revolutionise a post-rock movement in India, combining slick production with a tight and emotive live performance. Their recently released 2014 debut ‘Earthgazing’ EP has made fresh waves and been acclaimed by international press and fans alike. 


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