Videokaaran (India)

Saturday, 6th December, 2014 | 2:00pm | The Screening Room

Filmmaker: Jagannathan Krishnan
Country: India
Language: Hindi (English Subtitles)
Duration: 73 min
Genre: Documentary, Society
Year of Release: 2011
Rated: A

‘Videokaaran’ is the story of a common man’s relationship with cinema. Directed by Jagannathan Krishnan, the film is a narrative of a common man named Sagai, a film buff who idolises South Indian Superstar Rajnikanth and how his life is influenced by films. He believes that cinema can help you better your life; film stars can give you moral and spiritual messages that can uplift you. He grew up watching films in a semi legal video parlour in the Mumbai slums. The video theatre no longer exists. In a charming, eloquent and often politically incorrect street speak, he shares the story of his video theatre alongside his trip with films.

Jagannathan Krishnan is a Mumbai-based journalist-turned-filmmaker. Videokaran is his first feature length documentary, and has been screened at the River to River Film Festival at Florence, Italy, in December 2011.


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