World of Goopi & Bagha (India)

Friday, 5th December, 2014 | 3:45pm | The Screening Room

Filmmaker: Shilpa Ranade
Country: India
Language: Hindi (English Subtitles) & English
Duration: 79 min
Genre: Feature, Adventure
Year of Release: 2013

A captivating animated adaptation of a cherished children's classic by Satyajit Ray, this timeless fable is the story of Goopi and Bagha, a pair of musicians gifted with magical powers by the King of Ghosts.

Shilpa Ranade teaches Animation at IDC, IIT Bombay. An alumnus of IDC, she later completed her M. Phil in Animation from the Royal College of Art, London. Shilpa Ranade has directed short animation films for Channel 4, UK and her films have traveled all over the world winning accolades in some of the most prestigious film festivals.

She is a founding member of Damroo, a project involved in creating content for children. She has produced books and films while working closely with children to produce the content. She has also illustrated numerous books for children for leading publishers in the country including Scholastic, Eklavya, Pratham and Karadi Tales.

Her latest curatorial work includes two large volumes: Plant Life and Child Farmers. Plant Life is an anthology of children’s writing and drawing on how they perceive higher and lower plants while Child Farmers is a book based on the lives of children of Vidarbha who have lost their farmer fathers to suicides.

She has just completed an animated feature film for the Children’s Film Society of India, Goopi Gawaiya Bagha Bajaiya, based on the original text, Goopi Gayne Bagha Bayne by Upendrakishore Raychowdury.

Her film has premiered at Toronto International Film Festival and has been screened at Busan Korea, MAMI.


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