Yogev Haruvi (Israel)

Date: Saturday, 6th December, 2014
Venue: IndiEarth Stage
Time: 10:15pm

Drummer and didgeridoo player, Yogev Haruvi, was born and raised in Kfar Saba – a small city in the centre of Israel, where his affinity for creativity an musicality first developed. Yogev’s early beginnings as a drummer for dance classes and celebrations ultimately resulted in his project Drum & Didge.

Drum & Didge is a live performance human rhythm machine, consisting of drums and a didgeridoo. A one-man show, the performance is aimed at transporting the crowd from wherever they are, to another space and time, as the vibrations of the didgeridoo and drums synchronise with the audience’s own vibes and energy. The result: one big organic party custom-made to the dance floor, as the drums and didgeridoo, generate power and peace within one’s the body and soul. The unique combination of a solo virtuoso and a live DJ set creates a strong bond between the artist and the audience throughout the entire event.

An experience that greatly inspired this unique concept took place while Yogev was exploring the music scene in New York – the city where the biggest of names come and go. An African musician was sitting in the middle of Washington Square playing the djembe and singing. For those who listened it was almost as though time had stopped, as the musician took them on a journey far away from this massive metropolis, into the wild landscapes of Africa, using just his drum and voice.

Drum & Didge can be adapted to any kind of venue – street performances, contact dance sessions, live trance festivals, circus cabaret, didgeridoo festivals and any other space where people want to dance to the beat of that crazy drum and didge.


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