Digital Journalism

Sunday, 7th December, 2014
Time: 10:30am
Duration: 1 hour
Venue: Sansara

Somewhere in the transition from print to digital journalism, long formats gave way to shorter pieces with increased visual support for faster browsing – arguably, shorter attention spans – and lower costs. In a world of technology, site optimisation and page views dictating the cyberspace, many digital platforms trend on youth culture, with pop advertising and content driving their business models and growth. Is digital journalism in India paying enough attention to the not so far future to engage with older, as well as current content consumers who will soon pass the youth line? A visual music journalism platform, a music trade e-magazine and a film review portal discuss Indian digital journalism.

Speakers: Priyanka Shetty (WhatsTheScene - IN), Anita Iyer (Soundbox - IN), Anand Sethuraman (Piping Hot Views - IN)

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