Waves That Changed Our World

Saturday, 6th December, 2014
Time: 5:30pm
Duration: 1 hour
Venue: Sansara

Ten years ago, the waves of 2004 Asian tsunami caused unimaginable destruction. The tsunami also caused a series of other waves, ones that upheld the basic goodness of humankind. Humbled by both, a journey was born to offer tribute to the survivors, and celebrate life. In remembrance, the people who were part of that journey through six countries, share memories of the making of Laya Project.

Speakers: Sastry Karra (EarthSync), Yotam Agam (EarthSync - IN/IL), Paul Jacob (Music Producer - IN), B. Hemanathan (Musician - IN), Harold Monfils (Monfils Pictures - MY), Patrick Sebag (Music Producer - IL), Arturo Calvete (R2RO Films - UK), Mahesh Vinayakram (Musician - IN), Sonya Mazumdar (EarthSync - IN) 

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